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Crush ; [noun] (K-RUH-SH)

Definition ///

When you start getting small feelings for a certain person, you usually start wishing they weren’t there but they are, and those little feelings won’t go anywhere for a while,
They say after 5 months you are technically (falling in love) [pg, 3]
But until then, it is just considered a (crush).
You laugh and smile whenever they say something hoping they will notice you even for just a minute.
Some people think it is calling a (crush) because most of the time the other person does not feel the same way, and when you find it out, it (crush)es you in some sort of way.
But honestly that isn’t really why it is called that.
No reason why it’s called that really.

WARNING~ be carful not to mistake small feelings for someone, with feeling happy because someone is paying attention to you,
Crushes can be dangerous. Use wisely.

Love ; [noun] (L-UH-V)

Definition ///
The feelings of butterflies in your stomach when that certain person looks at you, being so invested in this persons life that you know them better than anyone else ever has, you now what they like, what they hate, why they hate their siblings and or family members, why they act the way they do, why they think the way they do.
Why they live, or maybe why they want to die.
What makes them smile, how to make them happy or stop crying.
Being so excited to just hear their voice or see their smile, to feel the warmth of their hugs, the soft touch of their lips, or just to see a picture.
But this “love” doesn’t have to be someone you personally know,
This “love” could be a famous person and or a [crush]{pg, 2}.
They make you smile or laugh when you’re upset, they may not even know who you are yet you can’t help but just [fall in love]{pg, 3}
It could be a singer or an actor/actress, it could be the kid who sits in the same row as you in class that just hasn’t noticed you yet.
Just the feelings you get just by hearing their name is unbelievably magic.
That you just don’t know any other word to use,
Until this little word just slips out from under your tongue it just feels so right to say.

When using this word, please remember to be carful whom you say it to or around, because even though it is just one little word this word can cause damage, mentally and physically. And trust me, nobody would like that.
Example.. “I love you” - don’t say it unless you mean it.
“Oh, you know I love you I was only kidding” - let’s not use this phrase.

Now that you understand, you may go.